About us

Über Veganz

Our vision: to shift people worldwide toward sustainable lives with a plant-based diet.

Veganz is the brand leader for plant-based food. Our story started in Berlin in the summer of 201 1 with the opening of a first supermarket in Berlin. With a pioneering concept for the food retail market, we have developed more than 160 plant-based products including sweets, snacks, essentials, functional foods, and alternatives to meat, fish, and cheese, as well as frozen foods like ready-made pizza. By now our products are available at more than 10,000 points of sale, and delight customers from Germany to China.
That’s how we make it easier for consumers to choose foods for a better life, an individual lifestyle centered on a plant-based diet.

Good for you, better for everyone.

No living beings are harmed through our practices, large or small, with or without fur. To us, life is a matter dear to the heart, and we handle the Earth with care. With our vegan food products, produced in Europe with organic certification, we offer a green option. For our customers, we’ve made the plant-based diet revolution easier.

Veganz stands for awareness and respect for people, animals, and the environment. In manufacturing, business, and sales, we want our products to harm no one. We continuously optimize our entire value chain, build lasting bridges with certified distributors, and give our customers the best products at fair prices. For the future, we have given ourselves the goal to enhance sustainability in packaging, ingredients, raw materials, and manufacturing, step by step. We place great importance on transparency in our process chain. Every day, we are constantly working to increase sustainability and responsibility to our earth and to conserve its resources.

Sustainable Packaging
We are seeking solutions to reduce packaging made from plastic, or, in the best case, eliminate it completely – and still comply with strict food standards for shelf life and storage. That’s why our sweet Rice Choc tablets, based on rice beverage or rice syrup powder, already have a compostable inner layer. Once it’s cut up and put in the compost, it degrades within 50 days. Our fresh products, too – such as our fish alternatives or Crispy Nuggets, are packed using at least 85% recycled plastic, and the carton sleeve is FSC-certified and printed with water-based inks (so they’re mineral Oil-free).

Together with the Eaternity Institute, from Switzerland, we are developing the future standard for transparency in food product manufacturing. With the most cuttingedge methods and detailed raw-material, distribution, and manufacturer data on our products, a team of scientific experts computes how our products stack up to other supermarket products on animal welfare, water consumption, rainforest logging, and carbon footprint. In the future, our customers will be informed with transparency of the results with special pictograms on our packaging.

More than 75% of our products are organic. RSPO-certified palm oil
We can all have a positive influence on the world with each shopping trip. To us, sustainable commerce all along the supply chain isn’t a mere obligation – it’s selfevident. We emphasize the almost exclusive use of organic materials, European manufacturing, and responsibly sourced raw materials such as RSPO-certified palm oil.

Our roots are in Germany.
We remain consistently true to them with our selection of distributors and manufacturing sites. More than half of our distributors come from Germany; the rest, from Europe.