Recipe category: Veganz original

Coconut Banana Bread

Hmmmm… this incredible scent! It is time for banana bread! We love it sweet, with a light coconut flavor! The special aroma comes from coconut milk, our Bio Veganz Chocolate Coconut Cream and our Bio Veganz Coconut Oil. Yum, yum! Enjoy this flavorful banana bread right out off the oven, have it for breakfast or […]

Chocolate Coconut Shake

Sweet dreams are made of this… A Chocolate Coconut Shake that makes all your dreams come true! Thanks to our Bio Veganz Chocolate Coconut Cream you’ll be elevated into the seventh chocolate heaven and gently float on a cloud of coconut-filled deliciousness.

Cacao Boost Cupcakes with Pink Flash Topping

More superfood is impossible! Blogger and You Tuber Luisa – better known as Lulu Dreamtown, created a very special cupcake recipe for us, which is full to bursting with delicious superfoods. Next to our practical Cacao Boost Powder with Guarana, Maca and Reishi, she also used Veganz Coconut Cream and the Pink Flash Mix as […]

Super Green Banana Mango Smoothie Bowl

Eat diamonds for breakfast and shine all day! And? Did you have diamonds for breakfast, too? No? Well, then it is time you do! Try the Banana Mango Smoothie Bowl with the Bio Veganz Superfood-Mix Super Greens for breakfast. Get ready for a sparkling bright day and „Shine bright like a diamond!“

Super Green Smoothie Bowl with Chia Pudding

Strong, green and simply amazing – Comic hero Hulk swears on the Super Green Smoothie Bowl with Chia Pudding by lenaliciously. You want to start the day with extra power? Our Bio Veganz Superfood-Mix Super Green provides you with a super load of iron. Feeling tired? No chance! Get blending! This breakfast will turn you into […]

Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

Would you like to fall head over heels in love? After this Pink Pitaya Bowl you’ll definitely walk on cloud nine! The combination of delicious fruit and the Bio Veganz Superfood-Mix Pink Flash makes any heart beat faster. Not cheesy enough? Then sprinkle delicate blossoms and coconut flakes on top. By now you should have […]

Mousse au chocolat with Speculoos cream

This mousse au chocolat with speculoos cream is my favourite recipe for Christmas. Chocolate and speculoos cookies fit perfectly together and make the best dessert for your Christmas menu. Try it out, you will love it!

Fondue with creamy vegan cheese

As a vegan you can still enjoy a nice cheese fondue. I must admit that I love the taste of cheese which is why I tried to make my own fondue with vegan cheese. Me and my friends are impressed by the taste and the creaminess of the cheese and we want to share this […]

Vegan Eggnog

This is my favourite drink for Christmas. All you need to do is add Christmas spices like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to the vegan eggnog. It just smells and tastes delicious! I always like to add some brandy to make it taste better.


A good and healthy breakfast in the morning is the most important thing for me. Especially before I go for a run, I need some energizing superfood that gives me power. My favourite ingredients are açai and maca powder, gojiberries, chia seeds and cocoa nibs. Add some fresh fruit and I am fit for the […]