Recipe category: Starter

Spicy Raw-Lentil Salad

This raw lentil salad from the book Vegan in Topform – Das Kochbuch from Brendan Brazier fills your tummy and contains a big load of proteins. A great snack for a quick break and of course a must for every vegan party.

Green Salad with Sweet Almond Dressing

Fresh, light and healthy salad with a flavoursome dressing! Almond butter, refined with fruity orange juice and spicy mustard spoils your taste buds and is easily made. This recipe is from the producer DeSmaakt.

Caesar Salad with Cashew-Dressing and Oregano-Croûtons

These days of boring salad with vinegar and oil are over: With Attila Hildmann’s creation, he shows how versatile and delicious plain salad can be. This recipe is from his new book “Vegan for starters”. Besides a short insight on his motivation of following a plant-based diet, you can expect the most popular recipes of […]

Beetroot-Coconut Soup

This soup is easily made and definitely comfort food. With a light taste and its beautiful pink colour, it can only put a smile on your face. The recipe is from the book Vegan Daily from Surdham Göb.

Vanilla Blueberry Yoghurt with toasted Coconut Flakes

Surdham Göb loves blueberry yhogurt just like us but unfortunately most products contain too much sugar. This recipe is the better choice because it’s easy, healthy and qucik to make. Whenever you don’t feel like cooking or you just want to eat sth. sweet to round up a nice dinner, make this fresh and quick […]

Potato Salad

Nothing goes better with grilled vegan sausages than potato salad. Crispy potatoes are smothered in tasty vegan mayonnaise and seasoned with fresh chives, peppers and celery. This is a treat either hot or cold.

Stick Bread

Mmmm, yummy! Grilled bread on a stick should not be missing from your cookout. The recipe comes from the book Vegan Grillen by Kristina Unterweger.

Farmer’s Breakfast

Hearty and SUPER good – that’s what you can say about this Farmer’s Breakfast by Nicole Just. You can find this classic in her book La Veganista – Lust auf die vegane Küchee along with plenty of other tasty dishes that will get even non-vegans excited!

Scrambled Tofu With Crispy Cubes

This recipe comes from the book La Veganista – Lust auf vegane Küche by Nicole Just fro and has a striking resemblance to real scrambled eggs – but with no cholesterol!

Carrot-Yacón Soup With Goji Berries

Since carrots and Yacón are “sweet” roots, they are natural flavor companions in this stunning, adventurous soup. The icing on the cake is the addition of the goji berries at the end. They are soaked in fresh carrot juice and then explode with the taste of sweet carrots when you bite into them. Among the […]