Recipe category: Snacks


Do you also want to eat healthy sweets for Christmas? These are my absolute favourites. These yummy chocolates are made with so many superfoods, you really don’t need to feel bad if you eat a little more. My friends are always happy when they get this selfmade present from me for Christmas. Fill the dates […]


Time for an exotic touch in the beakery. The green colour of the matcha tea makes those cookies look very tempting and gives them a special taste. A cookie to wake up in the morning!

Peanut butter balls in chocolate

A wonderful peanut and chocolate recipe. Although the recipe requires a little time, it is not only beautiful; it is also a delicious gift.

Rum Balls

With rum balls you will make friends and family smile, not only at Christmas time. A great gift, which is quickly made and tastes delicious.

Fruit Balls Apricot

A healthy snack for on the go. These fruit balls are the ideal treat when you’re feeling a little hungry at work or school. With the choice between 3 different flavours, you will never get bored.

Wraps with Cucumber Soy

For parties, brunch or as a midnight snack: Those wraps with cucumber and soy yoghurt are the ideal snack for every occasion.


These raw coconut-almond-balls with amaranth and cocoa butter are not only the perfect delicacy for your afternoon tea, they are also a nice and filling snack for in between meals in the office or on the go. This recipe is from the organic producer Rapunzel Naturkost.

Power Bar With Chia Seeds And Hemp Seeds

An absolute energizer! Chia seeds and hemp seeds are Superfoods and give you all-day energy and strength. Perfect for all athletes!