Recipe category: Drinks & Smoothies

Chocolate Coconut Shake

Sweet dreams are made of this… A Chocolate Coconut Shake that makes all your dreams come true! Thanks to our Bio Veganz Chocolate Coconut Cream you’ll be elevated into the seventh chocolate heaven and gently float on a cloud of coconut-filled deliciousness.

Pink Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

Would you like to fall head over heels in love? After this Pink Pitaya Bowl you’ll definitely walk on cloud nine! The combination of delicious fruit and the Bio Veganz Superfood-Mix Pink Flash makes any heart beat faster. Not cheesy enough? Then sprinkle delicate blossoms and coconut flakes on top. By now you should have […]

Vegan Eggnog

This is my favourite drink for Christmas. All you need to do is add Christmas spices like cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg to the vegan eggnog. It just smells and tastes delicious! I always like to add some brandy to make it taste better.

Soy-Pear-Drink with Pomegranate

Aromatic pear and fruity fresh pomegranate meet delicous soy milk. Start your morning with this drink and get a vitamin rush for the day.

Barley Malt with Coconut

Are you tired of soy or rice milk? Then you must try this barley malt. Refined with fresh coconut, this milk alternative is a special taste experience. The recipe is from the book Vegane Milchshakes from María del Mar Gómez.

Vanilla Blueberry Yoghurt with toasted Coconut Flakes

Surdham Göb loves blueberry yhogurt just like us but unfortunately most products contain too much sugar. This recipe is the better choice because it’s easy, healthy and qucik to make. Whenever you don’t feel like cooking or you just want to eat sth. sweet to round up a nice dinner, make this fresh and quick […]

Red Smoothie With Raspberries, Chia & Red Beets

For the perfect start to the day! Enjoy this fresh, red smoothie with sweet raspberries, the power of chia seeds and beetroot. Ideal for traveling or for in the office.

Mint Chip Smoothie

Behind this smoothie’s very convincing ice cream-like taste lies a healthy dose spinach. It tastes so good that you almost wonder why spinach is not used in all mint delicacies. Julie especially likes how the cocoa bean nibs bring a little bit of crispy dark chocolate into the game without being overpowering.

Mango-Chili Smoothie

Sweet and tropical, with a hint of spice…the key to making this smoothie is the use of chili powder that is made entirely of red chillies, without the addition of other spices (such as oregano and garlic), which would be too hearty for smoothie purposes. If you cannot find pure chili powder, use a fresh […]