Recipe category: Cakes, Cookies & Dessert

Coconut Banana Bread

Hmmmm… this incredible scent! It is time for banana bread! We love it sweet, with a light coconut flavor! The special aroma comes from coconut milk, our Bio Veganz Chocolate Coconut Cream and our Bio Veganz Coconut Oil. Yum, yum! Enjoy this flavorful banana bread right out off the oven, have it for breakfast or […]

Cacao Boost Cupcakes with Pink Flash Topping

More superfood is impossible! Blogger and You Tuber Luisa – better known as Lulu Dreamtown, created a very special cupcake recipe for us, which is full to bursting with delicious superfoods. Next to our practical Cacao Boost Powder with Guarana, Maca and Reishi, she also used Veganz Coconut Cream and the Pink Flash Mix as […]


Eating cookies for Christmas is a must. Especially these tasty blueberry-madeleines fit perfectly to your holiday but once you know how good these cookies taste, you will want to eat them all year round!

Apple Strudel with Gojiberries and Ice Cream from Coconut Bliss

You can have ice cream in winter too. Especially when you combine it with a warm cake like a cinnamon-vanilla-apple strudel with fluffy cream, this dessert can be also enjoyed during cold seasons. A perfect ending to your Christmas dinner.

Nut Croissants

Nut croissants are simply a delight and wonderful for winter.

Christmas Stollen

It’s time to get cozy! A good Stollen belongs to every German Christmas – just like a festively decorated Christmas tree. With a hot cup of coffee and your loved ones around you, there is no better way to celebrate Christmas. Check out this recipe from Leha and taste this delicious vegan Christmas Stollen. You […]

Chocolate Addict Cupcakes

Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Addict Cupcakes!

Mini Brownie-Tarte

Very moist and chocolatey! This is a treat for all chocoholics. This rich chocolate brownie with a creamy peanut-almond cream is delicious and made without flour.

Limoncello & Poppy-Linzer

It’s time get in the kitchen and bake – because christmas is only a few weeks away! To make this pre-christmas time just as enjoyable as christmas itself, we selected a great recipe for you from the book “Gesund backen” from Stina Spiegelberg. These bright yellow Linzer treats bring sunshine in your mouth….and in your […]


Gingerbread is always a favourite on the cookie plate: aromatic, spicy and the perfect treat for christmas! And if they are homemade, no one can resist. Try this recipe from the book Vegan Backen from NeunZehn-Verlag.