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Goji Berries

In ancient China, the goji berry was called “gouqui”, pronounced “goo-chi”, which means wolfberry, and from there it changed to goji berry. In this country, it is known as “Früchte des Gemeinen Bocksdorns”. This “fruit of longevity” has a thousand-year-old tradition in Chinese medicine, because it promises longevity and a strong immune system. Its effect is demonstrated […]

Acai Berry

Origin The acai berry hails from Brazil, where it grows in the Amazon rainforest on tall palm trees. Thousands of years ago the Indians began to use the berry as medicine and food. Today Açai is present almost everywhere in South America and by the sea it’s considered a staple food. It’s very popular with Brazilian surfers because […]

Erik’s Challenge – The Thrive Diet. A Progress Report.

The Thrive Diet is coming to an end…or is it?!

Erik’s Thrive Diet – Week 1

My first week doing the Thrive Diet is here and it’s going great! Well, maybe it’s because of the awesome weather and tours we’ve done since arriving on Mallorca…but the food can also take credit!

Vegan in Topform – Interview with Brendan Brazier

Brendan Brazier, known for his book Vegan in Topform, has accomplished a lot in the sports world, all on a vegan diet. In an interview with us he shares his motivation, where he gets his energy for sports, and how it was working with Hugh Jackman.

Erik’s Wolverine Challenge – Brendan Brazier’s Vegan Thrive Diet

Vegan, triathlete, Ironman – Brendan Brazier. No one can stop him. At least since he helped get Hugh Jackman into Top Form for his role as Wolverine in the film X-Men. My colleague, Erik, doesn’t want to be another Hugh, but he thinks a little less body fat and a little more muscle would be […]