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All the Facts on the Table – The Eco-Balance of our Products

All the Facts on the Table – The Eco-Balance of our Products New future standard for transparency in food processing. Veganz’s sustainability score for eco-balance in Europe. The eco-balance in Europe In 2016 alone, 4,3 billion tons of CO2 have been generated by the countries of the European Union. An incredible amount, and it’s still […]

Vegan Easter treats from Veganz

The Easter holidays are close and just like every year, chocolate, cookies and marzipan will sweeten our lives. Of course, Veganz is well prepared! Our shops offer a variety of vegan delicacies that will surprise both kids and grown ups: From plant-based chocolate Easter bunnies, to carrot cookies and almond nougat bring a smile to […]

An unforgettable Christmas dinner

You are still thinking about what to serve your family for Christmas? One thing is sure. You want to create a menu that surprises and tastes delicious. We have the right recipes for you. Plan your dinner now because Christmas is only a few days away and a proper preparation is important to make this […]

DIY: Vegan gift ideas

Selfmade gifts from your kitchen are always very personal and special. Especially when they are vegan, it is made with love and a healthy treat for everyone. Get some inspiration and be creative. Try these delicious peanut butter balls in chocolate, the super crispy cereal or the cookie-mix, anything is possible! In the book Vegane […]

Easy vegan baking and cooking (part 1)

No need for eggs. You don’t need eggs, milk and butter for baking. That’s not only practical, it’s also good for our animal friends. In our series ,,Easy vegan baking and cooking (part1)” we present you the best vegan alternatives to conventional baking ingredients. In the first part we show you all the various egg […]

The 10 best vegan roasts and meat alternatives for the holidays

Christmas is fast approaching and the festive preparations are probably already in full swing. One might desperately think about what to cook for the family on Christmas Eve. But one thing is sure: Christmas without roast is possible. Much nicer though, is to spend time together with friends and family and enjoy a nice Christmas […]


Origin The cashewnut originates from Brazil. In the 16th century, Portuguese sailors brought the cashew tree to Mosambique and India. Today, plantations can be found worldwide, mainly in tropical regions of South America, Africa and Asia. The evergreen plant is botanically related to the mango tree since it delivers two fruits at once: The colourful […]

The success story of Tofurky

Those days in tents are over: Vegan festive roast made in USA In an interview with Seth Tibbot, Founder of Tofurky

Veganz Festival Survival Kit For Your Summer!

It’s festival time! The greatest season of the year has begun. Your favorite bands and acts at festivals like Rock am Ring, Hurricane and the Hip Hop Open are waiting for you. It’s a real party! This year we’ve come up with something totally different to help make sure your festival season goes smoothly.

Hooray! Veganz Private Label Launch

Hooray! Today we’re introducing our new vegan(z) product line in our stores. With colorful designs and a unique presentation, we’re building out our own brand, little by little.