Veganz says Refugees Welcome

Yesterday we took our Veganz Food Truck to the refugee camp at the Olympic stadium in Berlin to invite the refugees to Burger and Schnitzel.

According to officials, around 20.000 refugees arrived in Berlin in 2015. By the end of the year, the federal office for migration and refugees predicts the number to rise up to 40.000 in total.

To provide shelter for the people, two training grounds at the Olympic stadium were quickly converted into emergency accommodations: Two weeks ago, at the Horst-Korber-Center of the Olympic site in Berlin, the Groß-Hall as well as the Rudolf-Harbig-Hall were made available. 500 refugees can find a temporary roof over their heads on rows and rows of cots. Circumstances could be better, but at least people are now safe.

To assist with some temporary joy and relief, we took our Food Truck full of vegan food to the Westend of Berlin. Delicious Burgers, sausages, and steaks as well as drinks such as Chia Squeeze and Vöslauer Balance Juicy were given out to refugees and volunteers.

A special highlight was the shiny silver Truck, which didn’t only impress children. Through the truck it was easier for the team to start a conversation with the people. A syrian man told us about his bombed house, the war, his escape, and how relieved he is now that he is finally safe.

Even though their eating habits might differ a little, the people were happy about the change and enjoyed the hearty animal-free meals. 

Our Food Truck Team could sense that the people there are in a better place than before, and experience a lot of positive reactions despite their difficult situations. It was a very important and moving experience for us. We surely didn’t save the world, but we did make some people smile that day.