Hooray! Veganz Private Label Launch

Hooray! Today we’re introducing our new vegan(z) product line in our stores. With colorful designs and a unique presentation, we’re building out our own brand, little by little.

Veganz has been successfully building up and expanding its supermarket chain since 2011, and now we are focusing more on wholesale, as well as the launch of our own brand. In the fall of 2014, we tested our first private label pizza (in two different varieties) in the Veganz market with positive results.

Now we’ve officially launched a full range of Veganz brand products, which will initially be available in Veganz stores, but should eventually branch out to conventional retail outlets.

For now you can find more than four different vegan sauces: herb, champignon, dark gourmet, and Hollandaise (just in time for asparagus season)!

“Asparagus season is a very special time of year – asparagus is considered to be the queen of vegetables. With our delicious Hollandaise sauce, recreating the most classic asparagus dish for vegans is no longer a problem,” said Catherine Wind, head of Private Label at Veganz.

In addition, there are the two vegan cookie varieties—lemon and marble—on our shelves. A variety of refrigerated and non-refrigerated meat substitutes will follow soon.

The next launch, which is currently planned for late May/June, will include vegan cuisine classics and trendy items like various coconut products and superfoods. In the second half of the year, you can expect to see some chocolate, cheese and more meat substitutes. We will also continue to push innovative ideas and meet the demand of the market with more exciting convenience products.

Veganz brand products, like the rest of the products found in our stores, have the highest quality standards. Each item is carefully chosen by food specialists, as well as our product department at our Berlin headquarters. Taste, quality, production, and the origin of raw materials are all taken into consideration during the selection process.

In addition to selling Veganz brand products in our own supermarkets, they will also be distributed to our partners like Kaiser’s Tengelmann, Globe and METRO. And by the end of the year, we plan to have our private label products available at over 500 locations throughout Germany.

Have you tried Veganz brand products? We’d love to hear your feedback!