Veganz now at Albert Heijn in the Netherlands!

16 Veganz products are now available at 34 locations of the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn.

Starting now you can find 16 delicious Veganz products all over Holland at 34 Albert Heijn test-store locations. From crispy veggie chips and trendy superfoods to yummy cookies and creamy rice chocolate–it’s all yours.
Here we’ll give you a little sneak-peek of all of the products you’ll find at Albert Heijn.

Veganz Organic Nut’n Superfood Hazelnut-Cacao-Vanilla

Addiction alert! This out-of-the-ordinary concoction will knock your socks off. Organic hazelnut butter. Cacao powder. Vanilla. This is the stuff of nut butter dreams. Creamy deliciousness on fresh bread, delicately melty for baking, or just straight off the spoon. We are definitely not bragging when we say you better snag this nut-butter.

Veganz Chocolate

Who has anything bad to say about chocolate? We definitely don’t. Now at Albert Heijn, the creative Veganz innovations for your sweet tooth. Of course all vegan. We are particularly smitten with our Strawberry Crisp with airy crispy cornflake crisps and our White Rice Chocolate Coconut Flake varieties.

Veganz Superfood Mixes

Superfoods have already been a trend for a while in the USA and are starting to gain a steam in Europe too. More and more people are choosing conscious eating and integrating high-grade plant vitamins and nutrients into their daily eating regimens. Albert Heijn is now offering a modest selection of these nutrient-rich superfood products in powder form. With these products it’s easy to incorporate these super power-eatables in your daily health routine. Starting now you can find our Veganz Superfood Mix Green Detox and the Veganz Superfood Mix Pink Flash in select Albert Heijn stores.

Veganz Matcha Mix Coconut

We love green tea! Now it’s easy to enjoy premium matcha. Just mix 1-2 teaspoons in a plant-based drink of your choice, and ready. Matcha is your best friend, who tells you what’s up and sets you straight. And it’s extremely tasty. Not too shabby, right? Now available at Albert Heijn in “Coconut”.

Veganz Raw Bars

Helloooo energy! Our bars are power-packed and are the perfect snack to tide you over. Get one now and find out for yourself! Our gluten free, juicy Cacao-Maca bars combine nutricious cacao with malty maca. The Inca-Goji-Raspberry bar wins you over with its perfect berry combo. A true power duo!

Veganz Coconut Chips

Crunchy noms from Veganz! We present you with that vaca for every day feeling with our brand new Coconut Chips. Deliciously roasted and delightfully crispy, they’re now available at our friends Albert Heijn in Salty Caramel and Cacao.

Veganz Veggie Chips

Vegetables 2.0. For those who can’t manage to eat their veggies, now in crispy chips! That yummy crunch and snap when you chew. The newly improved Veganz raw veggie chips are making veggies the newest trendy snack. Now you can find them in both Cabbage Cheezy Pepper and Kale Beet Lemon at Albert Heijn!

Veganz Cookies

Now at Albert Heijn, a cookie for every craving. All-time favorites now made vegan thanks to Veganz! The Cookie, Lemon Cookie, Chocolate Cookie, and Double Stuffed–you’ll love them all. You won’t even miss the butter, egg or milk in these crunchy bad boys. Our Veganz cookies are made entirely without animal products, are partly organic and palm oil free, all promising guilt-free enjoyment.