Veganz is expanding to Hungary with Spar

English Blog, Wholesale Partner | 25. September 2017

Hello Hungary – Veganz products now available at 123 Spar and Interspar branches

Since 2016 Veganz tasty treats can be found at over 1,600 branches of Spar Austria and at over 100 branches of Spar Slovenia. Now Veganz products can be enjoyed in one more European country. We are happy and proud to be able to welcome Spar Hungary and say: Hello Hungary!
Spar is the biggest worldwide trading chain comprised of voluntarily cooperating retailers and is presently operating at 369 locations throughout Hungary. Holding a strong position in the Hungarian food retail market Spar Hungary does not want miss out on our vegan innovations any longer.

As of now a total of 67 Veganz products can be found in 33 Interspar and 90 Spar branches.

Store locator Hungary


Discover our products at Interspar and Spar Hungary:

Pastries and sweets
Vegan diet and going without sweets? With our tasty treats that has long been a thing of the past! As of now classics like biscuits, chocolate and fruit gums can be found in the sweet isle.



Eat smarter! Snack through our wide range of innovative chip creations made from vegetables and coconut. Or are you more of a sweet tooth? No problem! Interspar and Spar Hungary also carry delicious sweet snacks made by Veganz. Something for everyone – guaranteed.



Cooking and baking aides
You can convince everyone with our dry soy and dry wheat products! Just soak in water or stock, season to taste and off into the pan to be fried or cooked any way you like – your ragout, goulash or fricassee will be ready in an instant. Do you need the perfect sauce to go with it? No problem, you can also find it at Interspar and Spar Hungary.



We love new things, you too? Discover the diversity of chia seeds or add one of our superfood mixes to your smoothie, juice or plant-based drink.



Flexing your muscles has never been so easy. We don’t just put colour onto the shelves, but also plant-based protein. Our high protein shakes and bars contain a lot of pure protein made from high-quality plants. Fruity berries, tropical freshness or chocolaty sweet – one of our protein mixes will be just the thing for you.



Spreads & Sweeteners
What are you going to put on your bread today? Our spreads will always bring delicious variety to your table. They are also well suited for use in baking or to refine shakes and desserts. Are you looking for an alternative to your standard household sugar or honey? Try our wide range of vegan sweeteners.



Plant-based drinks, matcha mixes & coconut
Refining smoothies or hot drinks, for cooking or baking – our plant-based drinks are truly versatile. They are also easily combined with our matcha mixes. Matcha is known as the Japanese “green gold” and a great alternative to coffee, because it peps you up but not too much! Ve love!




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    Nóra Bânfi
    27. September 2017

    This is great news! I remember spotting the products when I was on holiday in Dresden and thinking wow we will never have your brand in Hungary and yet here you are! 🙂

    • Leave a Reply

      Susann Armes
      2. October 2017

      Hi Nóra, Yes, we are so happy, too! Enjoy your vegan shopping experience at home! Many greetings from Berlin