Veganz Festival Survival Kit For Your Summer!

It’s festival time! The greatest season of the year has begun. Your favorite bands and acts at festivals like Rock am Ring, Hurricane and the Hip Hop Open are waiting for you. It’s a real party!
This year we’ve come up with something totally different to help make sure your festival season goes smoothly.

Get excited about the first edition of our Veganz Festival Survival Kits for summer!

Our Survival Kit is limited to 500 pieces and is available in all Veganz stores right now for only 20,-€ (normally 39,-€) and will also be available via Germany’s largest animal rights organization PETA2, as well as at our Veganz Food Truck. Peta2 will have a booth at Rock im Park where our Kits will be available!

For each bag sold, 5,- € will be donated to PETA2. So not only are you getting a super awesome Survival Kit, but you’re also doing something good for animals—it doesn’t get any better than that!

So get prepared for festival season and snag one of our Festival Survival Kits.

Here’s a peek at the vegan products you can find inside:

  1. Vegan Magazin
  2. Dr. Bronner Hygiene Spray
  3. Cosmetic Travel Set from PureGreen (Hand & Body Lotion, Arnica Gel, Shave & Conditioner, Hair & Body Wash)
  4. Spelt Crackers (Roasted Garlic or Cumin) from Rosengarten
  5. Calcium Coconut Drink from Koko
  6. Almawin Detergent (travel size)
  7. Dried Strawberries from Freche Freunde
  8. PÄX Food Mini Snack Bag
  9. Chia Raw Bar from Roo’Bar
  10. Condoms from Glyde
  11. Tropical Shower Gel from Nonique
  12. Spacebar Papriccioso from Veggyness
  13. Our Veganz Gymbag

What products do you want to see in our 2016 Festival Survival Kit?