Erik’s Wolverine Challenge – Brendan Brazier’s Vegan Thrive Diet

Vegan, triathlete, Ironman – Brendan Brazier. No one can stop him. At least since he helped get Hugh Jackman into Top Form for his role as Wolverine in the film X-Men.

My colleague, Erik, doesn’t want to be another Hugh, but he thinks a little less body fat and a little more muscle would be nice. So Erik has decided to take on the Thrive Diet, created by the famous Canadian triathlete Brendan Brazier, for 6 weeks. And naturally, the tips in Vegan in Topform are not just for professional athletes, but for anyone who is looking to get gain optimal health and performance, as well as prevent diseases. Great care is taken to make sure you get plenty of protein and other nutrients. The ever-popular superfood like the Andes Maca Root and nutritious hemp protein are of course also integrated into the nutrition program. In short: only high-net gain foods are used, which require little effort for digestion and nutrient assimilation.

High-net gain foods are:

  • raw or cooked at low temperature
  • naturally alkaline-forming foods to pH balance the body
  • high in nutrients the body can use without having to convert them
  • nutrient-dense whole foods
  • vitamin- and mineral-rich, from whole-food sources
  • non-stimulating, to recalibrate the body and eliminate biological debt
  • the Thrive Diet pyramid

thrive diet food pyramid

What you can expect from the Thrive Diet:

  • improved ability to burn body fat as energy
  • better sleep quality, therefore less is needed
  • elimination of junk food cravings
  • reduced body fat
  • less joint inflammation
  • improved mental clarity
  • eliminated need to rely on stimulants for energy
  • improved ability to build lean muscle tissue
  • quick recovery from exercise
  • reduced cholesterol level
  • stronger bones
  • better skin quality

Interested in trying out this plant-based diet? Then make sure to follow along during the next six weeks as Erik gets into top shape. Next week we’ll tell you more about Brendan’s book. Erik will give us a glimpse into his 1st week of the Thrive Diet challenge, and we’ll share some great products that you can incorporate into this awesome diet.