Erik’s Challenge – The Thrive Diet. A Progress Report.

The Thrive Diet is coming to an end…or is it?!

So far, my experience with the Thrive Diet has been very positive. I got especially used to my daily smoothie, so I couldn’t think of removing it from my diet anymore.

Motivated by the first week on the Thrive Diet and with lots of Vitamin D in my body, I went back to Berlin.

Exercise-wise, I naturally wanted to maintain or expand on my cycling I did in Mallorca. Luckily, I missed the cold wave while I was away! It may not be 100% due to my diet, but I think my immune system is stronger thanks in part to the Thrive Diet, and a balanced diet has prepared me well for colder days.

My exercise goals for the next few weeks are going to include 1-2x after-hours swimming and a mix of yoga and freeletics to increase my overall fitness. I think during the week I don’t have time for big breakfasts and long cooking sessions, so my mornings will consist of smart breakfasts. So a smoothie or delicious chia pudding—rich in antioxidants and super filling—is perfect for breakfast.

If you have to leave the house quickly in the morning, you can prepare this recipe the evening before, or even just produce large quantities (e.g. 2-3 glasses for several days). The preparation and number of ingredients are very simple. And if you find it a bit boring, you can easily modify the recipe slightly and use a delicious coconut, hemp or almond milk instead of water.

Try this recipe for Banana-Ginger-Pear Muesli from Brendan Brazier’s book Vegan in Topform.

During lunch, a few minutes can usually be found to prepare a delicious meal. Try combining different ingredients from the Thrive Diet Pyramid. An example of a lunch that can be prepared in a few minutes is broccoli with chickpeas, and a handful of nuts drizzled with hemp oil and agave syrup.

As a mandatory dessert I recommend some fruit—sometimes it even works better than coffee 🙂

Try it out!