Ciao Italia – Veganz now available at 85 Spar and Interspar stores

“From Verona to Bologna. Aunt Ceccarelli didn’t just find ‘amore’ in Bologna, she also made a detour to Spar! Veganz in my town”. This and similar tones can be heard shouted from the rooftops of towns in Italy today, because a vegan lifestyle is not just on the increase in Germany. From year to year, the share of the vegan population is growing steadily in other countries as well, like in Italy, with its 5% saturation.

Due to strong demand, we have stopped offering our range of Veganz products in Germany alone, and, thanks to our cooperation with wholesale partners like Spar, have expanded it to other European countries like Italy. Besides Austria, Slovenia and Hungary, you can now find 38 Veganz products in selected Interspar and Eurospar supermarkets in Italy. Fantastico!

That means that on your next holiday, you’ll not just find delicious crunchy biscuits, mouth-watering chocolate and, to compensate, some trendy superfoods right on your doorstep in 85 Spar supermarkets in North-East Italy, but lots more treats as well. Yo! After all, you can’t just feed yourself on spaghetti, pizza and gelato!

Our Branch Finder makes it easy for you to locate the 16 Interspar and 69 Eurospar Italy supermarkets.


Branch Finder Italy


Discover our products at Eurospar and Interspar Italy:

Pastries and confectionery

Classics such as biscuits, fruit gums, chocolate and delicious bars are immediately available at Spar supermarkets in Italy. With everything vegan, of course.




Needs to still those hunger pangs in between? Then fill yourself up with our hemp and superfood snack bars and innovative crisp creations with green cabbage, beetroot and lime.




Looking for an alternative to conventional saccharose or honey? Then why not try our wide range of vegan sweeteners like agave syrup, coconut blossom sugar and xylitol.




Gym fanatics have never had it so easy – not only do we put colour on the shelf, we also fill it with vegetable protein. Our protein bars and high-protein powders for shakes deliver plenty of pure protein from highly-nutritious plants. Whether fruity-berry, tropical-fresh or chocolate-sweet – we have exactly the right protein mixture for you.




We love to try new things – you too? Then why not try our popular superfoods and the latest trends from the vegan world. Try our superfood powder, mixes and porridge, and superfood your life!



Spreads, coconut oil & matcha mix

One thing not to be missed on is our most delicious chocolate spread ever – fine and creamy and without any nuts, it’s our classic on the spreads’ shelf. And another thing not to miss out on: coconut oil and our Veganz Vanilla Matcha Mix.



Already found our Veganz products at your favourite Eurospar or Interspar Italy supermarket and placed them in your trolley? Then please mail us your snapshots to or hashtag #velovesparitalia on your Instagram posts.
We’ll post the best pics, recipe ideas and product moods on our social media channels.



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    27. January 2018

    Hi, do you sell a soy wrappers in berlin ?

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      Veganz Kundenservice
      29. January 2018

      Hi Liran, right now we don’t sell them, though they look delicious 🙂